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The Standard Booth effect drawing




Stand Price: (1). Space Only,charge: USD250/sqm (minimum space:36sqm) (2). Shell Stand ,charge: USD 2500/9 sqm ; Corner Shell Stand ,charge: USD2700/9 sqm
Notes:Each 9 sqm shell stand including panel,billboard,carpet,1 counter, 1 table ,2 folding chairs,1 power supply , 2 spotlights and 1 garbage
The Quotation include the duration of Vape Expo. Foreign Exhibitor need to pay the additional payment as Bank service charges that reduced from the full payment by Banks when happened at international transfers. The exchange rate is reference for the remittance date when dollar trading.
The Standard Booth Contents
● 1 pc Board that printed on Exhibitor Company Name
● 3 pcs Wall-Boards
● 2 pc Spotlights (100W)
● 1 pc Table
● 2 pcs Folding chair
● 1 pcs Power Socket (220V 500W)
● 1 pc Garbage Can


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